Hi there, I’m Robbie. I’m a brazilian girl in my mid twenties. When I was 18 I decided to move to the UK to start a new life. And so I did. I’m working on persuing a career in fashion which it is also something that I am passionate about. Today I live in London with my amazing boyfriend Jono who is my official sous-chef, taste tester, onion peeler/cutter, chicken cleaner, food critic and most importantly the official eater. Jono turned out to be my biggest inspiration for cooking, simply because he loves everything I make (at least that is what he tells me :p).

                                                                    This is Jono (:

The cooking:

I learned to cook when I was quite young as my mum spent most of her days at work, (and by the way she hates cooking and anything to do with it), plus I hated having sitters or anyone strange around the house so every time I wanted to eat something, I had to prepare it myself. Of course a big part of my love for food is because I come from a family where everyone (except my mum) cooks amazingly well, including my dad, who tought me how to make my first real bolognese sauce. Sice I was little I remember staying around the kitchen whenever someone was cooking asking if I could help, dying of curiosity to know what could it be that was smelling so good. Once I was old enough to help, my aunts would invite me to be their little helper in the kitchen for the sunday lunches and that would be the highlight of my weekends. Years later I was cooking for friends, creating my own recipes and recieving compliments about my cooking inventions. When I went to England and started living by myself  I got a bit lazy and ended up eating a lot of frozend food and take outs, thankfully this all changed once I met Jono and we started living together. That was when we started cooking fresh things every day and we were having so much fun doing that together! It was then that I regained all that exitement for being in the kitchen. We started going to really nice restaurants whith those amazing well presented dishes and I would want to make all of that wonderful food myself. So on the next day I’d go out buying lots of  different ingredients and try to invent my own dishes and I ended up pretty impressed with how they turned out. One night I cooked this brazilian recipe I hadn’t made for ages and Jono loved it! So I made another one and another..and he was often asking me to make it again. That all made me so exited. I started looking up all of this great recipes and seeing so many great food, wanting to cook and bake and make my very own versions and experiments. I have found my favourite hobby. And today there is where I like spending most of my free time, having fun behind my stove.

Why blogging?

It all started the day I cought mysefl writing one of my recipes in a little piece of paper that I found lying around in my bedroom. When I realized what I was doing I almost instantly thought to myself  ‘ok. this has got to stop!’ So I went trhough my long forgotten notebooks, little random papers, messy drawers until I had put together this bunch of creased, old and stained little sheets and notes which contained all of the recipes I have been writing through the years in order not to eventually lose them. Then I knew I had to do something about it. I decided to write a blog.

You will find here all sorts of recipes for main dishes, desserts, snacks, cocktails, cakes, breads, smothies and loads more..(even some brazilian dishes) and all made with fresh ingredients.

I’m still very new to all this blogging thing so any suggestions and comments are super welcome. I hope you guys enjoy the blog and my kitchen adventures.

Thanks for visiting.

Robbie x


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